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Traditional Chinese Medicine
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Welcome to acupuncture! This is a community for anyone interested in meeting other like minds and discussing the various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Almost anything related to Traditional Chinese Medicine is appropriate (yes, even rants), but please try to stay on topic. The grumpy old moderator will step in if things get *too* far off subject. ;)

A few guidelines:

Buddhism and Taoism have influenced the development of TCM, but this isn't really a religious community. Consider taoism or buddhists if you want to go heavily into these subjects. (A little here and there is fine. :) ) The same goes for Feng shui or Chinese astrology; a little bit is fine, as it can be on-topic, but if you want to go deeper, try china_zodiac and/or fungshway. If you are looking to post on herbalism or the martial arts from a non-TCM perspective, try herbal or martial_artists. Holistic medicine information can be found at naturalmed.

...and then there's always fortunecookie. :P

Feel free to post an introduction on joining the group, and don't be afraid to ask stupid questions. ;) Have fun!
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