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yin/yang question


i have a question about yin and yang balance that i can't seem to find information about. i hope this isn't a problem asking here...

basically, i am a 26 year old female. i was born without a right kidney, though my left kidney supposedly functions normally. i didn't even know i was missing one until i was 15, and have so far shown no signed of abnormal functioning. the way i found out about my missing kidney was that when i was 15 i was diagnosed with gall bladder disease, and my gastroenterologist encouraged that i have it removed. so now i'm missing a kidney and my gall bladder.

this must affect my body's ability to balance itself. i feel that i show lots of signs of being terribly yin. i'm quiet, passive, tired all of the time, and i don't even feel like socializing. i have no fire to me. it's difficult to get out of bed. i'm almost consistently anemic despite taking iron supplements.

does missing a kidney affect my bodys ability to attain a gate of vitality (situated between the two kidneys)?

i'd love to visit an herbalist some day but at the moment i don't really have the money so any suggestions or book/website recommendations would be wonderfully helpful to me.

thank you for your time!
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