knowell (synoel2004) wrote in acupuncture,

Watery Horror...

Hello to everybody in this forum...  :-)

Like most of us here, i am seeking a solution to my troublesome problem.. hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

My palms and feet sweat a lot most of the time especially during warm period, a condition which makes me as a candidate for stinky feet contest..

I actually planned to get ETS surgery but was advised not to go through because of its "unimaginable" side effects.

For this reason, i am resorting to alternative medicine, where i am now focused into acupuncture.

My question is, how effective it is? is acupuncture for this condition permanent? are there really  "point/s" in the body responsible to halt the excessive sweating?

I will appreciate any comments or suggestions from this group.

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