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Hi everyone, I just joined and so I thought I'd post a bit of an introduction. I'm 28 years old and have been seeing a chinese herbalist natropath for around 5 months primarily to fall pregnant. In the meantime recently I'vebeen taking fertility drugs which have totally screwed up my immune system (I'm so sick and it's just cold after cold after infection after blah blah) I can't seem to just 'get better'. The person I'm seeing right now is a little too far away and quite expensive and so I'm going to go do a different person who JUST does Chinese Medicine. I've had accupuncture once before, but it freaked me out a little. I read in one of the recent posts about someone else who felt this was a control issue for them, and I believe it's a simliar thing for myself. I like to be in control and the needle thing just *shudder* makes me feel really ill and sick when I'm lyingo n the table. (I did feel great afterwards though, if I could just do the mind over matter and get over the needle thing I'd be fine)

ANYway. The fertility drugs arn't working for me, and they make me very ill. (I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and so I've decided to stop taking them and take a year of two off trying to get pregnant - get my body healthy again. Problem is, I'm just SO TIRED ALL THE TIME, I have sinus issues (they get blocked very easily), and my skin is very dry. I can't shake this cold/sinus thing I've had for weeks now and so I'm contacting the Chinese Medicine place nearby me tomorrow (hopefully they'll be back at work after the New Year) and hopefully they can sort me out. Give me some herbs to feel better, or recommend foods I should and shouldn't be eating. I steer away from sugar and I don't eat dairy products as it just aggrevates my sinus.

Anyway, if anyone felt like commenting then please do - otherwise I look forward to sharing and reading about the community :)

Oh, and also if anyone has any recommendations for books that are easy to read on the subject of Chinese Medicine, yin and yang etc, please let me know. I was considering one called Wood becomes Water , has anyone heard of it?

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