Alissa (dying_in_stereo) wrote in acupuncture,


My mom has been seeing a great Acupuncturist for about 4-6months and when she started treatment for her arthritis and low kidney function the doctor said she couldnt have any coffee, alcohol, pork, blue back salmon, chicken and some other things that i forget.

all those are easy to not have since she never eats any of them EXCEPT the chicken. and when i asked her why exactly chicken was bad? she didnt know but she asked him the next time and he didnt really give her an answer, just said he's been telling people not to eat those things for many years.

so i was wondering... does anyone know why in TCM treatment you wouldnt be allowed to eat chicken?? Im curious and so is she what is bad about it or why you dont eat it. anyways, we dont eat a lot of chicken but we really only eat white meat for the most part, so when we do eat meat its on the list of ones we do eat.
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