Slumbering Blue (slumberingblue) wrote in acupuncture,
Slumbering Blue

new to needles

hello, i'm new to the community and new to acupuncture.
I am actually now on my 4th treatment and thus far I am loving it...

I am finding that it is really helping with the symptoms of my chronic illness (MS) mostly with the fatigue.
I am incredibly relaxed and replenished when I leave.

I do wonder about something bizarre that occurred this last time around and what say you all about what exactly is happening.
(I am amazed by this domain of alternative medicine so I'm all about research and knowledge)

actually the appointment before last I have the full (30 some needles I am thinking) starting at the crown of my head all the way down to my ankles on the back side.  Upon hook up to the electro-stim, my gluts spasmed and my leg jumped up off the table a wee bit.  this day was post traumatic medical procedure so I'm thinking my body was on edge already.  as I was lying there after the stim was turned down, i kept feeling as if i were falling (similar to when you are falling asleep).
freaked me out a little but then a friend mentions this is a good sign (as does the acupuncturist).  it means the qi is flowing.

so last night i get the needles placed on the front of my body, ankles, mid calf and in the fold of my thumb and index finger, just below the wrist and one other near there.  I was feeling random pricks elsewhere where no needle was inserted.  along with an ache in my left leg just below the knee, on the outside.  does this mean blockage?  

would love to hear from any of you who have found acupuncture more successful in treating symptoms of chronic illnesses along with traditional medicine or on its own? 

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