MLNH (mlnh) wrote in acupuncture,

How many treatments?

Im thinking of trying acupuncture.
Im curious on how many treatments is usually needed, as my economy will be bad the next ½ - 1 year so im wondering if i should start now or if i should wait untill i can afford more treatments.
My problems that i want help with is mixed: Trouble sleeping, post traumatic stress, hair loss, menstrual cramps, skin breakouts (not that bad anymore).  And anxiety, depression, but its more because of my lifesituation so i dont think it would help with that.

How often is treatment needed, is it once per month or more or less?
And how many does people usually need?
I know its not the same for everyone! I just would like to know if its about 5, 10, or 40 cause i have no idea :-)

Does acupuncture trigger any bad emotions or memories? Im by myself and pretty miserable already so its important that it wont be to bad, i cant handle some. I heard that other kind of treatments can have that effect so i was wondering if acupuncture could to.

Thanks in advance :-)
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