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Some Help?

Hopefully theres people in here who are pretty familiar with TCM.
I am new to it, but after witnessing what it has done for my mother and her arthritis... I know i must try it. Im planning to see a TCM doctor in the near future, but since healthcare obviously doesnt cover it I have to wait a month or so and put some money aside for it.

anyways, I think Ive figured out what I have. I believe its called Kidney Qi or Yin. From what Ive gathered they are the same thing? correct me if Im wrong.

anyways, I have severe anxiety that onset from out of no-where about 2 years ago. it was so bad back then that I literally did not leave the house for about 3 months. I sought western medical treatment which i obviously hope to not need forever since i dont know what these little pills i take contain.

also, another symptom i have that can be both anxiety and kidney qi related i think is that I ALWAYS have to pee. I mean constantly. I will pee and then about 5 minutes later I need to pee again. sometimes, Ill pee and Ill get up and still feel like I have to pee. I know I dont have any infections. for sure. aside from when I first wake up in the morning its always clear.

I do drink a lot but i dont think its enough to constitute peeing as much as i do.

I actually dont know what Im asking for.... advice on how i could go about treating symptoms like this for the next month until I go in for acupuncture? or advice in general about it?

Thanks :)
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